Dr. Rick Smith, MA, DMin
Licensed Professional Counselor

Rick Smith.jpg

With over 25 years in the helping profession, most people find Dr. Rick Smith compassionate, authentic and skillful.  His empathetic, unconditional positive regard will help create an environment that is safe and accepting.  You will be allowed to work at your own pace with great respect for your unique individuality.

He has a diverse and unique history in the helping profession.  In addition to serving as a resident counselor, minister, substance abuse counselor, adjunct professor and public speaker,   Dr. Smith most likes to aid people in receiving the abundant life promised in God's word.

His undergraduate degree is in Behavioral Science.  He has a M.A. in Counseling along with a D.Min. degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Smith is a lifelong learner who continuously pursues training to serve his clients better.  He is well-read and constantly growing is his effectiveness for solutions to life's most complex difficulties.