Rachel Gatts, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor

We are excited to announce we have a new addition--Judah Tobias Gatts arrived Nov. 7 at 7:43 PM, at 8 pounds and 20.5 inches long. Everyone is doing well. We enjoyed getting to introduce him to big brother Ronen the following morning. Judah means “praise” and Tobias means “believing that God is good.” We pray his name will encourage him and us toward unwavering faith in our good God, who is worthy to be praised. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes! We are looking forward to settling in as a family of four.

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Thank you for considering Diakonos! As a counselor, I desire to help you take steps toward wholeness, fulfillment and peace in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Whether your situation seems hopeless or simply frustrating, I seek ways to help bring relief, hope and light along your path. 

I respect each person’s right to choose how to live his or her life. I come from a Christian perspective and am poised to incorporate faith into the counseling journey to the extent that you wish to do so. The counseling room is a place for understanding and assistance, not judgment.

I have always had a passion for people. I enjoy stepping into their world and offering support, a listening ear, feedback, and encouragement. This passion led me to counseling. I earned a Master’s in Counseling from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and interned at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church and Westside Family Church during my program.

My growing area of specialty is trauma recovery. I have been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a leading technique for resolving trauma.

Maybe you are simply curious whether counseling may be a helpful resource for you—feel free to call with any questions you have, and I would be happy to help you explore your options. Whether now or in the future, I welcome the chance to be a part of your journey.

Specialty Areas:

Assertiveness Training 
Attachment Issues 
Bitterness and Resentment 
Conflict Resolution

Control Issues 
Eating Disorders 
Family Therapy 
Grief and Loss 
Guilt and Shame 
Identity Questions 
Life Coaching


Life Transitions 
Marriage Counseling 
Relationship Struggles 
Spiritual Needs 
Stress Management 
Substance Abuse 
Teen Issues 
Trauma Recovery