Phillip Smith, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor

I have an MA in Counseling from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Kansas City, MO. I have experience working with adolescent and adult clients in such areas as substance abuse, behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, as well as psychosis, and relationships. As a result of coming to Christ in college, in addition to difficult events in life, I have a heart for those struggling. My overall counseling approach is adapted to meet the needs and treatment of whomever I am working with.

I have been trained to practice EMDR which has been shown to be remarkably helpful in improving positive beliefs that have been diminished due to Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and other traumatic experiences using the brain's natural tendency to heal itself from negative feelings.

I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which treats the underlying condition through addressing the impact between our core beliefs, which affect our thinking and behavior. I use a Client Centered Approach that considers the client at an equal footing as the therapist, both experts in this professional relationship, collaborating for effective treatment. Christian Counseling is also offered for those clients who wish to incorporate their faith and values as part of the counseling process, though I am blessed to continue to see many clients whom do not wish to incorporate faith into their treatment!